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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 2, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you are looking for great videos, this is the show for you "right this minute." an air show crowd is loving a pilot's flyover, but listen to the engine. how the show took a sharp turn to disaster. a brave survivor has a warning about -- >> the dangers of using fireworks. >> it went out and hit me in the face. >> his long road back from the
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last 4th of july. something's in the grass. see what some dudes -- >> armed with a large stick are able to coax out. >> oh, [ bleep ]! >> and a baby swimmer brings tout critics, but dad has the answer. >> first ofall, have you ever try tried to force a 2-year-old to do anything? >> the big story behind elizabeth's big minute. >> hi. and the big accident was caught on video right before a festival was to begin with an air display, and here you can see one of the planes flying toward the crowd. listen to the engine, because before you know it, it starts sputtering and then it shuts down. >> nice. >> gosh. he was invented when you heard the engine start to quit.
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>> the pilot was flying upside down. you hear the engine and then -- the engine just dies as he tries to flip the plane back over, but at this point it is too late. he crashes into the ground. >> do you know if he crashed into any spectators or what happened? >> he did not crash into any spectators although he was very close as you can see to the crowd. in this case, the 47-year-old pilot did not survive the impact. >> he had no warning, either. it sounded like the engine was running strong and then gone, he had no power. a 23-year-old oklahoma man wants to warn other people about the dangers of using fireworks this summer. we got this story from news ok in oklahoma. >> it defused and i could tell that it was just, it was so
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quick. and i was not ready for the lit fuse. i had it like that, and as soon as i got my arm here, it went off. >> this is one year after a firework blew off the left side of his face. he suffered severe injuries and he was in an induced coma for a while as he began the recovery process. >> this is aaron six post-surgeries to correct the injuries. the hole is still there in his eye and left cheek. he has more surgeries to go. >> they did a skin expansion here, and put 1,200 ccs of saline in the chest right here, so it was like a big llow after that, that is where this skin came from right here. >> yeah, this is actually my
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chest right up here. >> and they grew it. >> they are growing skin to be able to fix his face? >> they were able to remove that skin and create what is basically an eyelid and to improve some of the damage created by the firework. he is determined to help other people, and keep them safe especially this time of the year when lots of people are celebrating with fireworks. have you seen that black dot up there in the sky? that is an f-16 fighter jet, and as you can see, it is closer and closer to the ground and then that dot turns into a plume of smoke. that is an f-16 that went down in arizona recently, and both pilots ejected okay, and had minor injuries. the plane landed few miles from the air force base. they had no injuries. this is adam clement who is a disposal technician, and he
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was sent out to the crash site to take care of any ordnances that had not exploded. he was wearing this plastic suit in the dessert, and watch at what comes out of the boot. >> that is sweat. that is human sweat. >> adam was able to work in the sweat for hours, and he was able take a breath here and there, but the suit is watertight, but all of his sweat ran into the bottom of his boot, and he said he could feel it sloshing around. >> how difficult to walk when you are all sliding narnd tarou the boots like this. really? this makes you? >> the thought of the odor. >> a lot of sweat. >> i didn't think that would get you. >> we started to talk about the stink. >> oh, oh. >> there is something beneath the surface of the shallow creek
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at daphne, alabama. these dudes are going the check out what it is armed with a large stick which may explain some of the video. >> what! >> they obviously knew it was a giant alligator. >> get closer. >> these guys are nuts. this thing could chomp them in half. >> it is coming towards them. >> stand the ground. >> you are saying run away and the guy is saying -- >> stand your ground, dude. >> meanwhile, are they look fin for the next one coming up. >> grab the tail. >> go ahead, shaggy. >> i don't get the fun here. they go back with the stick. >> and even after it left, they chasd after it? >> it looks like it. there is really no way to explain why they are doing this. don't try this at home. >> yeah, there's a reason why these animals have survived for
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millions and millions of years. >> thanks for the stupidity of people like that. >> stand your ground, dude. >> holy [ bleep ]. it is cars, but -- >> some of the power at the expo is about to get out of control. >> how this rally goes so wrong. >> oh! >> and can you figure out how this guy is scaling the rocks? >> he could be hanging. is he hanging? >> the upside down climb
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a lot of horsepower on display at this exotic car rally in poland and keep an eye on the yellow car at the right of the screen. that is a dcx and a highly powerful super car and some of the power at this expo is about to get out of control. >> oh! >> oh, man.
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car is out of control and flies to the left and flies to the right, and then it smashes through a barrier and into a crowd of people. differing reports say as many as 19 people injured in this incident or seriously injured, and two children were also part. a lot of theeople at this event, and a lot of cameras recording this incident. here is another angle. this one is little hard to watch, i'll warn you. >> oh. >> oh, wow. that is hard to watch. do you think that it is a case of the driver not being able to handle that much horse ppower? >> that is the case in my opinion, steven, because this car has 800 horsepower behind the wheel, and the car is an animal going down the road. reports say that driver was not impaired in any way and he was uninjured as well. >> if you have 800 horsepower, you really need to know how the
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drive it. go, go, go. >> and right now you may have seen this video, because it is going super viral online. this is 16-month-old elizabeth swimming amazingly well in a pool. she is able to flip her body over to breath safely, and listen to her as she is catching her breath. >> good job. are you all done? okay. do you want to swim to the stairs? >> mom and dad are on the other side of the camera, and they are catching it, and she says, "i'm done, i'm done." she says, "do you want to swim to the stairs?" and she says you can do it. go, go, go. i can't believe she
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>> but elizabeth makes it to other side and walks right up the stairs and 16-month-old children barely know how the walk, and she is walking up the stairs after having swum the pool. >> well, she is doing what she is supposed to do, and a lot of people want them to turnover when they get into the air to learn how to breathe so they don't a lot of parents are applauding the parents for teaching her how to save her own life, and then others not. and we have the fare via skype. adam, were you surprised of the attention that the video got it? >> yes. >> and were you surprised by the negative comments that you got? >> not really. a lot of things that we got was why was there nobody in the pool
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with the toddler, and we said that wading through the water is not that quick, and that is why you are more versatile outside of the pool, and that is why the life guards stay outside of the pool. >> and did you guys want to teach her? >> we thought that the infant safety resource video on youtube and we said we want our child to have that skill. oh, come over and say hi. >> there's elizabeth. >> hey! >> hello. >> you cut your hair now. >> say hi. >> hi, elizabeth. >> what do you do when you swim? >> swim. >> do you like swimming? >> yes. >> do you splash like a whale? >> yes. bye. >> bye-bye. this athlete is james who is an athlete for black diamond equipment, and right here this
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ve v he is climbing is one of the high nest the world. >> is he climbing? >> yes, the camera is waiting for him at the top. >> is he crawling this way? >> he can't be hanging? >> oh, he is most definitely hanging. i said crevasse just to mislead you a little bit, but it is a cave known as the wheel of life in hollow mountain cave in australia, and very few rock climbers have been able to do this, because, yeah, the entire climb is upside down for the climber. he first finished in 2011, but he came back in november of 2012 to do this, but the video is just now posted online by black diamond equipment. >> talk about strength. >> yes. >> he is like a spider, seriously a spider crawling across the ceiling.
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>> yes. >> because this should not be hue mably possible. >> right here, he is nearing the end and this is the very last part, and the most difficult finish. >> i didn't breathe for a lot of that. >> if you are not impressed by that, i don't know what will impress you. >> that bee hhive up in the tre is coming down. >> he gets right under the limbs. watch what he does. >> no! >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- >> i'm going to mislead some people today. >> ben is going to pretend he is a famous college basketball player on the way to the nba. the only problem is -- >> he can barely do something. he is terrible. see if he gets a pass. and plus an amazing par course. >> and you can see the high fielding le
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you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. this is ben. >> my name is ben. >> you can follow him on twitter at ben veduta. >> i'm freenell. >> we are going to mislead people today. >> he is pretending that fox news is following him. >> and i am going to go to venice beach, and what they
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don't know is that i'm horrible. >> you are about to fall out. >> he is going to see how long it takes these guys to figure out he may not be verdell jones. >> oh, my goodness. here can barely do anything. he is terrible. >> you have to be wondering what these guys are thinking. >> that is [ bleep ]. >> if you go to the nba, i'm the president. >> somebody looks up verdell jones. >> that is not verdell jones, and this kid is not. >> you are not him, bro. >> i love the excuses. >> playing in germany will change your style. >> finally, it is serious. >> are you saying that my little brother is funny right now? >> watch out. watch out. >> 250. >> yeah, $2.50. >> he does make a bet. >> we play bank account. >> let me tell you that he does not score anything. and they go up to five.
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>> his prank did not work, because nobody was buying it. >> you are not verdell, boy. juggling with cats. >> come on. >> you know, for the amount of pop corn videos that i have shown you, this one takes you inside and makes you feel like a part of the acon. we have a kingston who takes you on the high leaping ledges from one ledge to the next. here he goes. >> oh, don't do it.
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>>-! >> up and over these walls, down through these sidewalks and looks like he is coming to a dead end here, but he springs up a and over. that makes my stomach hurt. you know that weird feeling. >> yeah, like butler flies. >> i don't like it. look at him going through the scaffolding here, and landing on, what are those three-inch pipes? >> if that. >> you feel like at any moment he is about to knock out the ankle. >> or blow out the knee or something. >> and jump down here, and slides down, and like that. >> oh, geez. >> did anyone wear special shoes for this and have a special grip. >> it looks like skater shoes. >> and the other thing is that they don't map this out, right? you can't map it out, because you don't know the route that you are going to take, so how do you know what is around the
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corner and if you can make the jump? it is part of the sport and they know the ability and what their body can do. can i make that leap? yes. go for it. dude shows off his shotgun and then -- >> shows us how it is fired. >> see how this blog [ male announcer ] to all you burger aficionados... show your love. 'cause mcdonald's just topped perfection with the all-new quarter pounder burgers.
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three delectable choices. new quarter pounder burgers. another new way to love mcdonald's. ♪
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it looks like snow here in
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tokyo, and like some freak summer storm brought snow. nope, that would be soap. >> ooh, fun. >> the foam party. >> apparently 40 liters of soap were in the supply room of the first floor and it got mixed up and went through the drainage pipe and there you could see the first floor had a little foam party. >> oh, this is an accident. >> this is not on purpose. this was an accident. >> oh, that is funny. this reminds me of the time i put dish soap in the dishwasher, and the same thing, suds all over the floor. >> and this is going to make it easy for the sweep cleaners, because they won't have to clean that up. >> and they have a whole clean block. >> fancy way of cleaning the streets. >> it had a nice scent when they left the building. how nice for downtown.
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people make video blogs for all sorts of reasons. this young fellow named david got a blog where he is talking about the firearms, and he purchased a replica world war ii shotgun, and he goes on and on talking about this, and shows that there might be some imperfections, but then decides the show us how it is fired. >> this weapon has a cool feature where if you press the trigger down and once you press this down and pull it up -- [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> yeah, the shotgun goes off, and if you go back to watch it again, when he cocks the shotgun, you can see the bullet right there. >> and yes right there in the chamber. >> and he pulls it down and the shotgun is pulling the trigger
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at the end of the video, but this is not how you impress people. this is how people get killed goofing around with people that they, a, i don't know what they are doing, or don't take enough caution to handle. maybe think it is fake? >> my gut reaction is that it is real based on how he drops the gun. >> i hope that people will see this and think twice when handling their firearms. all right. guys, i have a how-to video, but i need you to focus on theask ns allowed.eally focu >> all right. >> it is going to teach you how to tie a tie, and the video put online by styleshark online. and that hot model is roxanne. >> we are not 13, and we know
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how to tie a tie, and what is she teaching us not the tie? >> well shgs s, it is the stand knot, and not anything that you don't know already, and keeps the wider side longer than the shorter side, and wrap it around itself, and i mean, it can give you the details, but you are probably not interested. >> would it be just as sexy if she was teaching you how to tie the shoe. >> yes. >> and once you have this tie loop around you take the thick end and then you tie it through the v. you pull the thick end and then there you go, there's the tie. >> and these boys across america just found their favorite video of the month. that is going to do it for [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for deals for the 4th. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. throw a holiday cookout! thick, juicy new york strip steaks are just $4.99 a pound.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman and it is time for great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." a driver is stunned by a strange site. >> right in the street. >> coming towards the car. >> why this is one tough mo tth who can walk it off. terror in a cab when a driver pulls a semiautomatic. >> i promise you that i won't. >> hear about the bounty on one thug's head. if you are grilling this 4th of july and you want something different, try the lasa


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